Sino-Benelux Business Survey 2017

Sino Benelux Business Survey 2017

Every year, Moore Stephens Consulting, 1421 Consulting and BenCham join forces and proudly present you the Sino-Benelux Business Survey.

2016 has again be a year of many changes. The Chinese economy has been steering more and more towards domestic consumption (i.e. promoted by the government); technological developments such as mobile payments and communications starting to become strongly integrated into Chinese society and technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augment Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence are on the verge of breaking through; and many new rules and regulations in terms of tax ("VAT Reform"), foreign exchange controls and transfer pricing have been implemented during the previous year.

But not only the changes in China impact our way of doing business. The "brexit" vote and negotiations will certainly impact our world economy. The US presidential elections and the impact on US politics might profoundly impact geopolitical and economical balances. Expanding protectionist policies in the world will affect international trade. 2017 is promising to be a hectic year with again much changes expected.

In this fast changing environment, companies need to react and adapt their strategies and organization. Agility in doing business is a necessity!

In collaboration with 1421 Consulting Group in Beijing and in Shenzhen (‘Pearl River Delta’), and with the Benelux Chamber of Commerce organizations in China, Moore Stephens Consulting will investigate how these changes have influence on Benelux companies active in China. We would like to ask how far this development had influence on your business activities in China and how do you think this development would influence your company on short term, as well affect strategic considerations on the long term.

We would kindly like to invite you to take part in this survey by completing (approximately 10 minutes) the following questionnaire:

The results will be published during May in Shanghai, Beijing and in PRD during several events organized by the Benelux Chamber of Commerce. The results will provide more insight about the changes happening in China and how this would affect your business operations.

For more information, please contact Michiel Vos by mail or by phone (+86 158 0098 7054).